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Why Choose Fastway


High quality service 

The customer is our number one concern. We guarantee to arrange your shipment within the designated time, tracking your shipment on a regular basic, ensuring your shipments arrive to the destination safely and on time.



Customized service

We provide the optimal shipping solutions, so that you send your shipment cost-effectively.



Professional team 

We are fully licensed and a full service provider. Our team is full of vitality, positive, professional, practical and trustworthy. We serve customers wholeheartedly.




Fastway Global Logistics Simple Six-Step Guide to buying freight forwarding services:



Step one 每 Contact your Fastway Global Logistics representative


Finding the right services on a moment*s notice, shouldn*t be a job in of itself. Simply dial +86-755-83423351 or e-mail to speak to your Fastway Global Logistics representative. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.



Step two 每 We work with you to define your needs - Discovery stage


Let us know information such as your freight destinations and deadlines, the nature of your shipments (if relevant) and any special needs related to warehousing and distribution, including packing, documentation, order management and labeling needs. If required, we can work with your purchasing, sales and production staff to cover all of your needs and to best package our services to meet them.

We will also request a meeting with your logistics decision makers so that we can provide an efficient and cost effective proposal.



Step three 每 We ask for your key information


Our logistics analysts will analyze data provided by you to identify the most cost effective solution to suit your business needs.



Step four 每 Our team will present their findings to you 每 Review stage


Our team will meet with you to present their findings and discuss available options to you.



Step five 每 Develop operations procedures with you to ensure effective communication 每 Implementation Stage


Once all the key solution is agreed, our team will meet with you again to identify and implement operations procedures to ensure a smooth transition and on-going communication and reporting process.



Step six 每 Agree contract and start up date 每 Go Live Stage


We will set up your account provide your team with all contact details and start our partnership with you.






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